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“The greatest untapped resource is female sexuality.”

 Catherine Oxenberg, founder, Body of Bliss

Once a woman taps into her limitless sexual potential, she experiences orgasm as a whole body phenomenon. It is every woman’s birthright to experience this. This is a journey of embodied activation and it has the power to transform every area of her life. Body of Bliss is mapping the way…

Even since the advent of feminism and the post-sexual revolution, women are still basically sexually unsatisfied.

The statistics are shocking:

According to the National Health Institute about 40% of women in America suffer from Female Sexual Dysfunction, while only 33% experience orgasm regularly during intercourse and 10% have never climaxed. 

It would seem that women around the world are suffering from an epidemic of sexual anorexia. The fact that 100 million + women have devoured 50 Shades of Grey is evidence – we are literally starved for stimulation. The feminine psyche longs for something more. She is primed to embody a deeper, more fulfilling experience of herself. She may not know exactly what this looks like because this key evolutionary component of the female journey has not been fully defined. Until now.

This longing may cause women to overeat, drink, develop ailments, have hormonal imbalances, feel restless, overwhelmed, depleted, anxious, depressed, go numb, medicate, use drama and stimulants to feel alive or complain about her sex life.

The biggest complaint of American women is low libido.

And yet recent scientific research reveals that the long-touted male sex drive pales in comparison with our ferocious appetite… So what’s the problem here?

If our sex drives are voracious yet we have low libido what happened?

Why are women so shut down, turned off and running on fumes?

Because women have conditioned themselves to adapt to a masculine model of sex.

However, it is not conducive to evoking the full potential of authentic female arousal. The conventional, linear sexual paradigm can never fully satisfy her and therefore, it needs to be re-examined and dismantled.

As evolved as the human species is, it appears we have merely scratched the surface of our sexual potential. Genital friction is about as evolved as cavemen rubbing flint for fire.

A depth of pleasure and fulfillment still eludes us. We are clueless of the power of our sexual energy and our body’s capacity for infinite, regenerative ecstasy.

Incredibly, the female body still remains a mystery, a hotbed of controversy.  Most women are clueless of the magical capacity of their vulvas. This ignorance extends to our men and even our medical community.

The very existence of vaginal orgasms and female ejaculation continues to be debated… but not for long.

We can no longer blame men for this confusion. We can’t rely on the so-called authorities to give us the answers.

It is time we give ourselves permission to explore our full sexual potential. It is time we understand the connection between sexual energy and aliveness.

“The cultivation, transformation and circulation of sexual energy is vital for the development of life force.” – Taoist Grand Master, Mantak Chia. Orgasm connects a woman to the infinite supply of life force energy. For her to experience being fully alive, she has to be fully orgasmic.

We have found that once a woman liberates the orgasmic flow within her, she can effortlessly connect to an infinite supply of life-force energy. 

This process is what we call Activation.

Every woman’s body is physiologically designed for this. This is a journey of embodied awakening – an opportunity to connect with the vast power that is available to her once she has opened to her orgasm. 

Activation is the experience of being fully alive in her body. It is the process of softening and blossoming into her radiance.  Many women experience a what we call a “Defining Moment” when embodied aliveness becomes anchored so deeply in her body that she literally becomes turned on – for good. 

Once this internal switch is flipped, her channel remains open, and she is able to maintain orgasmic responsiveness in her body.

She remembers herself as whole, perfect and complete. 

And any memory of feeling broken and defective dissolves. In that moment, she has literally rewired herself with pleasure. She has taught herself that she can generate wellbeing from within. The process continues to unfold and deepen through an ebb and flow of expansion and contraction. The Activated journey is by no means a linear path. 

The journey of Activation begins with developing a relationship with pleasure – the deeper our pleasure, the greater alignment with our essence.

Benefits of Activation Include:

  • more energy
  • radiance
  • vitality
  • youthfulness
  • confidence
  • sexiness
  • serenity
  • creativity
  • passion
  • purpose, peace, joy, love, connection, and intimacy.

Empowering Men

Men are natural activators and most of them are already activated – they can easily orgasm and ejaculate – so their journey differs from ours. However, it is important that men learn how to harness and cultivate their own sexual energy and that they become aware of the crucial role they play in assisting women to reach their full potential. We offer guidance so they can attain mastery in both areas. We also offer men pathways to overcome erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation and an expansion of your sexual repertoire. 

The Journey of Activation begins by:

  • developing a relationship with pleasure (the deeper our pleasure, the greater alignment with our essence)
  • remove the Blocks to Bliss
  • restoring sensitivity to the genitals
  • somatic work
  • building new neural pathways to entrain a whole body orgasmic response
  • reawakening the ejaculatory reflex,
  • combining it with our orgasmic reflex
  • learning to condition our nervous systems to handle more intense states of bliss
  • grounding
  • learning to feel safe to explore and ride the ebb and flow of great expansion and subsequent contraction

It is our orgasmic energy that expands our capacity to channel more life force.

The Activated Lifestyle

The Activated Lifestyle entails learning to infuse pleasure into every aspect of one’s life. It is an opportunity to live from surplus and overflow rather than overwhelm and depletion.

The ultimate purpose of Activation is to lead to a full awakening. This is an experience so sublime, so profound that it transforms sex into complete liberation.

The Activators

Activators are teacher and healers who have achieved mastery in the realm of being able to activate others. The Activators that we endorse have developed the best modalities and offer the most effective tools for both men and women. There are many wonderful paths to embodied activation, all of them worth exploring. After all, different strokes for different folks.

Exclusive Activation Retreats

In addition to our exclusive group retreats held in exquisite resorts around the world, Body of Bliss offers unique customized journeys… (price upon request)

The Activated Community

Join our community and explore the infinite realm of embodied bliss!

Activate Your Bliss


The sexual terrain is more vast than you can imagine.

Every woman on the planet is naturally orgasmic and has the ability to ejaculate, she just may not know it yet …

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